101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Neki

Gender: Female

Species: Gray Wolf cub

Age: 6 months

Appearance: Dark grey with lighter grey areas of fur, eyes are bronze colored.  Black paws are light grey.  Her fur is very fluffy, which sometimes causes people to mistake her for a dog.

Personality: Since her parents died, she doesn't like being alone.  Despite this, she stays in the forest because she believes no harm will come to her if she stays there.  Usually very cautious of her surroundings.

Backstory: Completely unknown as of this point.  And she will not tell anyone about it.  It is known that her parents are both dead and that she lives within the forest nesar the Dearly Farm.  Neki was orphaned when her parents were coming back from hunting outside the forest and both were shot by hunters.  Currently Neki lives within a fallen log, she will not leave the forest because she fears being killed.