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Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Male

Collar: Red

Size: Same as Clayton when he was young

Age: Oldest out of his litter

Appearance: His appearance like his dad's except his ears are white with 3 white spots on his right one like his dad.  He also has a blob spot on his side and no star key spot.

Bio: Being the oldest of his litter; he usually has to be the peace keeper of his siblings.  He is quite playful and is often found drawing.  He does hate it though when being told what to do and can turn diffcult.  Yet he does at most points tries to keep things calm, making him nice to be around.

Voice Actor: Samual Vincent


Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Collar: Blue

Size: Almost equal to Myles

Age: She's a middle child

Appearance: Like her mother, she has black ears and a dragon shaped spot on her back and a dipstick tail.

Bio: Like her mother, she is interested in mythology and enjoys staying up late watching horror movies.  She is extremely competitive like her mother and will try all means to win (apart from cheating) and aims to be the strongest out of her brother and sister.  She also enjoys reading and is a bit of a tom boy.  She is interesting to be with.

Voice Actress: Amy Birnbaum


Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Collar: Red

Size: Smalles out of her litter (an inch bigger than Cadpig)

Age: She is the youngest out of the trio

Appearance: She has two black ears and brown eyes.  On one of her front legs she has her father's blob spots on her left side, while the other has a dragon spot running up iy,

Bio: Due to her being the runt of the litter, she usually is the victim of some of Myles and Victoria's practical joke, making her a bit frustrated with her siblings.  She often wishes that she could be bigger, not just the size of her siblings nor her parents, but she wishes to be the biggest dog in the world (possibly round about 150ft) so she'll be able to play with them like toys.  She claims that she's that big in her mind and can grow whenever she ever felt like it; howevershe has never got around to proving it.  The closet she can get to that dream is playing with a lego set.

Voice Actress: Kelly Sheridan