101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Mr. Smith

Gender: Male

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: Brown

Age: Unknown

Height: Around the same height as Drake

Apppearance: He looks like a normal Dalmatian except for, what looks like a bit missing from one of his ears as well as a scar on his shoulder.

Description: He's a agent-like dog, well, was one until The Agency had turned on him.  He had came to the farm in search of something for The Agency, unknown on what the Agency is up to, even he didn't know that they were only using him, and the moment they recieved what Mr. Smith had given them, they turned on him.  Now he's up to finding out what The Agency is really up to and putting an end to it all, and finding out who he really is, as he has no idea on that and is only known as Mr. Smith, his real name, his whole past, everything is unknown to everyone, even himself.

Likes: Unknown really, but he plans on figuring it all out, but at the moment, finding out what The Agency is up to and to find out who he really is.

Dislikes: The Agency

Friends: No one

Enemies: The Agency

Loves: No one

Goal(s): To put an end to whatever it is The Agency is up to.