101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Mordecai "Moriarty" Dearly (Murry his folks)

Body Type: Quad (four legs)

Species: Canine Domestic\

Breed: 100% Dalmatian maybe.

Specific Spots: Single circle over his left eye and a smaller one directly under it, to the left and a smaller one underneath THAT.

Eye Color: Left eye blue, right eye green.

Gender: Male

Build: Small and skinny.  Lithe, with hints of muscle and tone.

Disposition: Surly, and or agitated.

Alignment: Depends opn the situation.

History: Mordecai (Often reffered to as Moriarty, by his father) is Lundon's son.  Mordecai often lacks a moral compass to his local deeds and generally does what he likes as he sees fit, provided it benefits him in the end.  Mordecai is often seen alone, brooding quietly, with an animosity that drves most other people away from him.  Mordecai is a normal sort of dog, but aspires to be like his father, often coming up with ingenious schemes that more than often fall apart at the last minute.  He's a talented con artist, and adept at study and connecting concepts.  Unfortunatley, he is frequently bullied at school, and has very few friends.  He often ends up in the company of Clover and his cousion Dice, weather he likes it or not.