101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Mimi

Breed: Dalmatian

Eye color: Turquoise

Age: Same as most of the pups.  More matured though.

Gender: Female

Height: Little smaller than average

Weight: Average

Decription: Well Uh Black ears, blond hair, 3 stripes on her back, right front paw black and left.

Appearance: Short, usually cherrful.

Likes: Almost everyone

Friends: Eh Whoever wants to be;

Loves: No one

Hates: Nobody

Information: Small cute puppy.  Orr.  That's what you think.  Acts all cheerfuly and happy, but when lights go out you will probaly find her along some dark place, planning the world conquer.  Has like a million plans already, but never uses them, cuz mostly waits that someone just offers her to take over the world.  (Psst!  She's not so interested in hurting others, but if someone gets on her bad side, she doesn't mind hurting them;)  She's not thast kind that you would call "smart", sure she has her moments, but usually she makes everyone else think for her.  Using stuff like "I surley know the answer, but do YOU? Hmm?"  So she likes to manipulate everyone and that makes her slight evil.  Also she adores and hates cute things at the same time.  And if ya meet the fangirl-side of her, then run.  And run fast.

Interests: Sleeping, lollipops, sketching, planning to take over the world and planning what doing after world is her.

Goals: Rule the world?  I dunno,  Make her evil laugh perfect.