101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Megumi

Age: same as the others

Height: same as the others

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue

Breed: Dalmatian

Description: Megumi is a sweet pup.  She is very kind, delicate, and a good pup.  Megumi is very light-hearted.  She always wants the best for all the pups because she loves them. She likes helping because she is very big-hearted.  In the past she loved Tripod so much, but she knew that it was a platonic love.  Now she is going out with Drake, she loves him so much and she protects him a lot.

Likes: Listening to music, writing, walking, meeting new pups, singing (she has an awesome and sweet voice)

Friends: Most of the pups

Loves: Drake

Hate: None

Another Fact: She can say a few words in Japanese.  Her name means "Blessing".