101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Mara

Species: Dalmatian

Age: 21 (So she can drink, drive and gamble and be extra cool)

Sex: Female

Height: She's just a little bit smaller than Lucky.

Weight: A girl never tells!

Build: Just like Lucky and Two-Tone together! Muscular, but pudgy.  Everyone thinks she's really cute.

Alignment: She's totally good.  She's always the paragon of justice and awesome!

Likes: Solving other people problems, and helping whenever she can.

Dislikes: Originality

Friends: Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, and Spot

Hates: Pug, Cruella, Tic-Tac and anyone who gives the main pups a hard time!

Loves: Lucky (She secretly has dreams about him since he's so handsome.  He actually ends up in love with her too!)

Description: Mara has white fur with little exclamation points that make up her spots.  All the other pups think those spots are really cool and it makes her super popular.  She loves attention and constantly points out problems that she helps solves in day to day life.  She once even saved Lucky from Tic-Tac by beating the snot out of him!  For that Lucky fell in love with her and Tic-Tac decided she was his new enemy because she was more annoying than Lucky.  Once, she even got the main pups out of doing extra sit ups by telling Lt. Pug to shut up.  She ended up with all the extra sit ups, but with the help of her friends; Lucky, Cadpig, and Rolly, she managed to do them all, and they all went out for ice-cream after!

Spot Pattern: Her spots are normal, only they sre Exclamation points.  This draws other pups to look at her and always remarks on how awesome her spots are.  The color of her collar is Red-like Lucky.

Voice Actor: Kate Soucie