101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Malinda

Gender: Female

Breed: Dalmatian

Eyes: Fire Amber

Age: Same as Kendra

Height: Same as Kendra

Collar: Blood red with a small azure orb as a tag.

Relatives: Her twin sister Kendra.

Appearance: Her appearance is almost identical to those of Kendra expect her ears are fully black (with an earring through each one) and her dragon spot is full on her back (looking at a flying dragon in birds eye view)

Description: Separated from her sister 10 weeks after birth, she grew up with a strange man who was a bit dark and always spoke about curse, hexes, darkness & chaos and pretty soon; that personality moved into her.  She soon was reunited with her sister after the events of the original story as they both coincidentally happened to be kidnapped/store bought by the same people.  Afterward when the Dearlys moved to the farm, she soon decided to let her dark ways lose to everyone.

Likes: All source of Black magic.

Dislikes: Cadpig's philosophy of the world.

Friends: All of the brat pups of the farm.  E.G. Diana, Emma, Thompson, etc.

Loves: Horseshoe (though he's unaware of it)

Hates: Her twin sister; Kendra and anyone who likes Kendra as well.

Voice: Actress: Susan Sarandon

Quotes: "I'm so way mature than you, you should treat me as if I am your queen".