101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Gender: Female

Collar: Magenta

Eyes: Green

Hair: Long brown hair

Friends: Lita, Sonya, Dana, almost all the pups

Enemies: Diana, Emma, Tac, Mooch, LT. Pug, and Cruella

  1. 1 Best Friend: Dana

Romance: Oscar

Lydia is a really friendly puppy.  She has a black heart-shaped spot on her right ear, and a shilloette of PPG Blossom on the other.  She loves the Lion King, and is a friend of Silky.  She also really likes cats.  She has her own collection of Foster's plushies in her own bedroom.  She always hides them because Mooch always rips her other ones up.  She is 7 in dog years and looks up to Lucky, Two-Tone, and Dana.  But sometimes she doesn't watch what she says.  Her voice actress is Kath Souice