101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Lundon

Species: Canine Domesticus

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: Polkadot spots.  Black and White

Eye Color: Brown

Color of Collar: Red

Age: Just about a pup's age

Gender: Male

Height: Average for a puppy

Weight: 4 pounds

Demeanor: Cocky

Alignment: Jerk

Background: Lundon was originally Tic-Tac's best friend and close brother when they lived together in Flordia.  Regardless of his nationally, Lundon talks with a heavy British accent, and seems to think it normal, never the less, he's extremely charismatic and able to make friends with anyone, and charm the pants off of everyone!  It was him who taught Tic-Tac the specifics of "Sliver tongue".  Lundon, originally would spend lazy days with his brothers, mostly Tic-Tac, using his brother's genius to get them into crazy adventures and wild schemes.  But upon the fateful night of the accident, Lundon was changed from a playful scamp to a conniving, scheming, con artist.  No longer convinced the world was a beautiful place, Lundon adopted the philosophy "Looks out for number one" and has done so ever since.  He often employs the assistance of his brothers: Chopper and Bandit, to assist him in his schemes and do his dirty work for him when he doesn't feel like getting involved.  Able to talk his way in and out of any situation imaginable, he's quite the devious pup.  Possibly more-so then Tic-Tac, considering he operates out in the open, while Tac keeps to himself.  Lundon, however, has no goals in taking control of the farm.  He sticks to what he does best-conning pups out of hard earned bones and toys and keeps it for himself.  He hide out, is a small spot in the middle of the corn field.

Appearance: More or less your average puppy, Lundon always wears a beat up old orphan hat over his head.  Both of his ears are black and his left paw has markings that resemble a British flag.  (Rumor has it he dyes it.)