101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki


Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Height: A little smaller than the others, only by a couple of cm though

Personality: She like both guys and girls.  Anyway she is kinda like RJ in a sense, well, get freaked out with fighting and would probaly hide, especiallyif there's a war going on, or something rather similar.

Likes: Kasey-She's the only one she really likes, well, they are a couple anyway so yeah.  RJ- He's a good friend for her and half the time, they can bee seen hanging out.

Dislikes: No one yet, well perhaps Kraven and Tac


Breed: Caviler King Charles Spanniel (Ruby coat)

Gender: Female

Height: A tad taller than Luna is

Personality: Something that's different is that Kasey has a bit of an attitude toward other people and she can fight fairly well too.

Likes: Luna- Basically same as Luna, but applies to Kasey, so vice versa sort of thing.

Dislikes: Not a lot, even though she can show an attitude toward them, only Kraven and Tac she dosen't really like.