Name: Lucius

Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Male

Collar: Black

Size: Size of a young pup, but is a tad taller than his sister

Age: Young pup

Appearance: His ears, tail and arm sections, not including his paws are all black while he has just random spots elsewhere.

Bio: The son of Drake and Julie, he is more adventurous really, than his sister as he's more outgoing.  However, he has tended to freak out at times, you know, over reacting too, something he has picked up himself.

Name: Jade

Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Collar: Green

Size: A little shorter than her brother

Age: Young pup

Appearance: The top half of her right ear is completely black while the bottom half is completely white.  Her left ear is the exact opposite of her right ear.  She has spots on her spine running all the way down to her tail

Bio: The daughter of Drake and Julie, she takes her mother's side of things, as in a sense of speaking, she's a little flirtatious, but yet, is also somewhat of a valley girl, having to say stuff like "Oh my gosh" and what have you.

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