101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Lon

Age: A canine equilant of 13 human years.

Species: Red Fox

Size: Average

Build: Slim, fit

Perosanlity: Calm, Thoughtful

Sexuality: Straight, with possible homosexual incidents

Appearance: While not looking much different than any normal wild red fox, Lon has a rugged "Bohemian" kind of styleto his manner.  He might also be particulary slim due to his life on the road, where food doesn't always appear when you're hungry.

Info: Lon is a constantly restless travler .  He lives for sights to see and scents to smell.  While having a relaxed, thoughtful, and peaceful attitude and being generally sympathic towards most people he meets, Lon contrast this by having an irresponsible view on life's up and downs.  Too much conflict = Lon travels away.  Lon has a romantic view on his life on the road and has little room for sadness in his life.

Other Info: Lon is a close aqquintance of Kit's older brother, Hat.  (more about this some other time).  His name is pronounced "Loon"