101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Lizzie

Species: Australian Sheppard/Border Collie mix

Sex: Female

Fur Color: Black, white and brown

Eye Color: Brown

Collar: Purple

Size: Compared to most of the Dalmatians, she's quite talll and buff.  She's not quite as tall as Tippy, but she is more muscular than Tippy.

Voice Actor: Ellen DeGenres

Personaility: Lizzie is a fun-loving pup.  She loves to play with doggie toys, go for walks, and do all the basic stuff dogs love to do.  Whenever she feels like cuddling, she alwaysloves to get her belly rubbed.  She also gets scared easily.

Fur design (in more detail): Lizzie is mostly black, but she hassome brown fur in some areas.  The outer area around her nose, her lower jaw, chest, stomach, paws and tail tip are white.

Friends: Most

Hates: Tic-Tac, Jerko, Vincent, Mooch, Pug, the De-vils and the Heartbreakers

Loves: Joey