101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Leslie

Species: Dalmatian

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Evil

Weight Classification: Light-Medium weight

Appearance: He has a blue collar, a brown nose, one solid black ear, one white spotted ear, a minor hair-do (like Olwe), he has normal Dalmatian spots, but he has a flaming cross tatooed on his right arm.

Voice Actor: Micheal Reis

Bio: Leslie is another one of Dearly Farm's biggest jerks, but he's a lot different from the others.  While Mooch bullies pups around just to have fun, and Jerko does likewise except he constantly does it and curses along with it, Leslie is more of a serious jerk.  By this, I mean he doesn't flame people to have fun; he does it because he wants them to go to hell.  He only cares about himself and what he likes, and he never respects opinions of others.  One other thing that's quite interesting about Leslie is that he HATES lesbians and bisexuals.  With that said, I'm sure we all know now that he has serious issues with Luna, Kasey, Kit, Daisy, Mindy, Nemo, Trixie, Amelia, Aimme and Hailey.  He can also be a racist at times, because he's usually uncomfortable around Yuri, Sanka, Konami and Raul.

Friends: No one

Enemies: Pretty much everybody, good and evil, he's a loner.

Romance: No one