101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Lathe Inert

Sex: Male

Species/race: Two tailed fox demon\

Peronality: Unfriendly, sinister, and narcissistic

Abilities: While feral Lathe only uses his claws and fangs and every once in a while he will use his two tails.  He also emits a special type of evil aura which allows him a special power.  While anthro, he can extend his claws as well as pull them out and use them as swords.  (His claws do grow back).

Fur Color: Black with white tail tips.

Fur Looks: Shaggy, long

Eyes: Red eyes.  Feral, bright red eyes

Clothing (while anthro): Black trench coat, black combat boots, and black cargo pants.

Muzzle: Semi-long, X shaped scar on his nose

History: Lathe is a demon from the darkest depths of the underworld.  Wolf somehow managed to merge the demon with his body to keep it from destroying more lives.  Lathe is a mysterious demon.  No one knows of how he came to be nor do they know what his deadly abilities will hold