101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Kyra

Species: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Demeanor: Hero

Sexuality: Unknown at the m,oment

Weight Classification: A bit lighter than Drake

Appearance: More of a normal-ish appearance, except for an area of spots that had formed a diamond, a club, a heart and a spade, much like the four suits of cards, that is on each of her paws, one on each of them.

Bio: She's Drake's sister for starters, but yet, for most of the time, she had believed for him to be dead, that is, until rumors of him started to rise up and make their way toward her, which in turn, she had to then go see for herself, well, at first she thought of it as nothing until more of them rose up.  That was when she decided to go and see for herself, which is when she arrived on the farm and soon enough, met her brother.  One thing that she seems to be fond of is magic tricks, like a magican so to speak, you know, card tricks, pull a rabbi out of the hat, or at times, pulling Rico the rat out of the hat, but most of the time, they don't go so well, since she's still learnng them all.

Friends: Luna, Ember, Amelia

Enemies: Any enemy of Drake basically

Romance: Hailey