101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Krunchie Dearly

Species: Griffin

Gender: Male

Appearance: Krunchie is a traditional griffin.  He has the head, frong legs, wings, and forequarters of an eagle, and the hindquarters, hind legs, and tail of a lion.

Personality: Krunchie is very immature and young, being only a chick.  He believes Lucky to be his big brother, and tends to get along with everybody.  He may hurt someone without trying to, as he doesn't know his own strength.  He likes Clip a lot, although Clip is not so keen on Krunchie.  He loves to fly, but can't for very long, ten minutes at the most at the moment.  After spending a lot of time around Silky, Krunchie seems to have 'inheirited' the ability to converse with reptiles, and control some of them.

Background: Krunchie was found as an egg by none other than Lucky, who cared for him until he hatched, and named him after his favorite food.  Lucky continued to care for Krunchie while he was a very small helpless chick, but as Krunchie got older, he started to protect Lucky, becoming a bodyguard of sorts.  Krunchie dislikes Rebbecca, as he believes her to have hypnotized Lucky, and highly approves of Two-Tone relationship with Lucky, even going as far as to purposefully bringing them together.  Silky particulary likes Krunchie, seeing as he is partly feline, and finds Kr\unchie and Clip's friendship incredibly amusing.  He also likes Silky back, and it is because of the time they spend together he gains Silky's reptile communication abilities.\

Friends: Anybody who is friends with Lucky

Enemies: Anybody who tries to harm Lucky