101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Kraven

Gender: Male

Age: A little older than the others, only by a month or so

Height: Same height as Drake

Build: Average (But is pretty strong regardless)

Breed: Dalmatian

Spot Pattern: Nothing in particular

Personality: After Star had tried to clone Drake in the middle of a storm, one lighting strike had struck the power oulit, cause the machine to shut down briefly where his DNA and other molecules were reaggranged, changing his attitude and traits around, turning him into someone else, a hunter that finds hunting others a "trait" of his, where as, that what he enjoys.

Appearance: Looks kind of like Drake, but his appearance it still a bit more different, considering he looks more "evil" as one would put it even though that what he is.  He also weilds a hand-made spear as well as wearing a necklace with a tooth attached to it, which so happened to be Drake's tooth after he dug up the grave to take the tooth from him.

Skill: Expert hunter, vast knowledge of using traps and different hunting methods to capture and kill his "prey", a la, others.

Likes: Hunting others

Dislikes: Having a dissatisfying hunt.