101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Konami

Gender: Male

Origin: Konami is a dalmatian puppy from Japan.  He gets his name from the fact that he's obsessed with video games and worships Nintendo.  He's mastered more video games than any other puppy on the planet.  He likes to make game references in a lot of the things he says.  He's probaly one of the coolest dalmatians who lives with the Dearlys.

Appearance: Konami's most notable spot pattern is the fact that he has a black cross on his right cheek and two red spots on his left cheek (made to represent an NES controller).  He also wears sunglasses, but he's not so secretive about his face as Noggin is. He also has a magic mushroom tatooed on his back right leg and a 1-up mushroom tatooed on his back left leg.  He also has blue spikey hair as a hair do (sort of a resemblence to Sonic the Hedgehog).  When he's not wearing his shades, it's revealed that he has Anime-style eyes.

Demeanor: Protective

Weight Classification: Medium-weight