101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Kit

Gender: Male

Age: A little younger than the others

Height: A little smaller than the avetrage pup

Build: Slim

Breed: Dalmatian

Spot: Pattern: White ears, a few complety asymmetric spots on the back.  Significant spots: One covering his left eyelooking like a bruce.

Sexueality: bi/pansexual (unkwon to himself)

Past: Grew up with a band of gypsies.  Was later put on a trade as a bargain.  Ended up at a bike shop for a short while before he was delivered at the farm who had a reputation for taking good care of dalmatians.  After some time he befriended other puppies teaching him to become more down to Earth and not so "far out."

Speech: Even though being a gyspy pup, Kit does not have an accent.  The only thing pointing out in his speech manner is his way of speaking in incomplete sentences.

Personality: Kit is a playful and a bit weird boy with his head in the clouds.  He is into art and music and loves dancing and singing.  He likes being on his own so he can develop his own ideas.  He easily submits to others, boys anf girls, not being very confident and rarely speaks his mind in crowds.  Kit is bisexual.  He is now certain, but has yet to deal with a real romance.

Appearance: Tiny, slim and having a rather girly facial features, such as long eyelashes and a smooth round face.  This however does not mean that he acts girly.  His interests are simply not seen as very boy-ish leaving bullys labeling him as a nancyboy.  He is not ugly, but not stunningly beautiful.  Even though being slim, he still has a masculine body (similar to Tripod, but thinner and smaller).  He comes off as innocent.  Has an earing in the right ear.

Likes: Listening to music, dressing up, playing with the others

Dislikes: Bullies

Friends: Phillip, Clayton

Romance: None as of yet.  With Kit being bisexual, differing a crush from good friendship isn't very easy.  Sharing kisses might just as well be something very close friends do.  He is also too immature to really see the the point in relationshps. Maybe when he grows older.