101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: K-4.5

Breed: Robot dog

Type: 4WD (his wheels aren't visble)

Gender: None, but acts and is treated like a Male

Demeanor: Computer-like, logical, effective

Size: About half the size of the original K-9, on which he is based.  He is just smaller than a normal sized pup

Appearance: Boxy metal body, identical to the original.  He looks cheap, like the special effects budget couldn't build a cool one.  He wears a collar that has the same color scheme as Doc's scarf.  Antennas serve as his tail and ears.

Built by: Patriot and Techno

Built from: The flattened metal from a Ford F-150 truckbed, a broken Tamiya Clodbuster remote controlled monster truck, several old labtop computers, all done using joke plans from the BBC for his nakesake and from the Kaputnik Battle Cruiser for VLAD's A.I. (with the neccessary reprogramming)

Likes: Assisting "the Doc"

Hates: He was not programmed to hate

Loves: Everyone in a family way, he was not programmed to ever become romantically involved

Goals: Helps the Doc

Description: Serving the same role as Doctor Who's robotic dog K-9, K-4.5 is Doc's robotic companion.  Strong willed, if Doc needs him he is always by his side.  Lacking paws or hands of any kind, K-4.5's primary form of self-defense is a taser mounted in his nose.  It has enough power to stun but not kill almost any enemy.  Being a robot, K-4.5 is the pup of choice for any suicide missions that may arise in the ongoing quest to save the farm, sice even if he were blown up or destroyed he could just be put back together again

Personal Motto: "Affirmative"