101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Joshua or Josh for short.  Teased name is X-Ray.

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: Black and White

Eye color: Blue

Age: 10 months

Gender: Male

Height: 10 inches (from shoulders down)

Weight: 11 lbs

Voice Actor: Otacon (from MGS 2)

Description: One spot on both white ears with an "eyebrow" angling downward.  Both front paws up to mid arms are black.  Back toes on legs are also black.  Hair tips are black.  Two black spots inside of left back leg.  Two black spots on top/inside of right black leg.  Black tipped tail. Blue eyes.

Appearance: Short, but a bit bigger than Cadpig.  Wears a black bandanna around neck with the Japanese "love" symbol in red.  Has glasses with an aqua tint.

Likes: Doesn't know anyone yet plus is too shy.

Friends: None yet

Loves: Is too shy to actually ask.  Though no one yet.

Hates: No one

  1. 1 Best Friend: None yet.

Information: Extremely shy.  Ran away from his orginal family when he found out he had a unique ability when upset at a particular person.  His family remain alive and are owned by human pets elsewhere in the city.  Upon running away, also because of the hardships he faced with other pups and dogs consantly making fun and teasing him, he came across the farm seeking a bit of refuge, but not knowing it was jam-packed with more puppies than he could take.  Currently he's in hiding, only staying near the hills and away from everyone.  Already hating huge crowds, he does not plan on living here forever.

Interests: Likes to look at picture books though he can't read human text.  Likes to study random things.

Goals: None in particular