101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki


Owen is mostly a Dalmatian, but he has his mother's legs.  He has black ears and a blue collar.  Owen is the smallest pup of the litter and most likely the youngest.  He's very sensitive and a little immature; he has a little autism which comes from his dad's side of the family.  He has a little security blanket that he carries around with him, but sometimes he doesn't and just stores it in a safe place.


Courtney is also a Dalmatian.  She has two black ears with white spots on them.  She also has a black and brown muzzle and a black and brown tail with a white tip.  She wears a red collar with a little crystal hanging on it.  She's about the same size as Owen, except she's just a tad taller and bulkier, plus her stomach kind of hangs out.  Courtney is a very active pup who's always willing to pitch in on a project whenever one comes up.  She sometimes gets really annoyed whenever someone mistreats her.  One thing that's a little unusual about Cortney is that she has this little flatulence problem, for she's been known to pass gas at inconvient times.


Ezekiel is mostly a smooth-coated Border Collie.  His fur is black with a brown trim and a white underside.  He also has some black spots in some of his white areas.  He wears a navey blue collar.  Ezekiel is sort of what you'd call the smart guy of his offspring.  Amongst his sibblings, he's the only one who's normal since he doesn't have any real problems with the exception of maybe a hot temper.  Regardless, he still loves his brother and sisters.


Emily is the biggest pup in the group and probably the most unusal-looking one.  Her body is split up like two dogs.  Her front half is a Dalmatian with black ears and a teal collar, but her hind half is Aussie-Sheppard with a fur design the way Lizzie is.  She's also pretty chubby, not for say fat, but bulky like Two-Tone.  Emily is probably the most feminine pup in her offspring.  She loves cute things and cool things and sometimes gets overly excited.  She's also quite a chatterbox, as in she talks a lot, and often, nobody can get her to shut up.  Regardless of how annoying she may get, Emily is still a real sweetheart.  She often likes to give Owen piggyback rides to make him feel happy.