101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Jekyll

Gender: Male

Age: One of the younger ones

Height: Same as Doc

Eyes: Blue/ Red

Side; Neutral/ Evil

Bio: Abandoned on the Dearlys doorstep on a stormy night.  No one has yet to learn his name because he never talks to anyone and usuallly keeps his distance from them at all times.  The reason for this is that he's trying to hide them from his evil alter ego.  His ego is a dark blood thirsty creature that taunts him in his head everywhere he goes and his begged to be set free.  When his dark ego is let out his transformation begins by his personality changing to evil and his eyes turning red.  The next phase is a skull and crossbones spot forming on his right ear.  And then his body takes a flaming fire effect turning his fur black and his spots grey.  When his tranformation is complete, he stalks around the farm in search for some innocent creature to kill.  Fortunately; he hasn't killed anyone Yet.

Likes: No one/ All the villains on the farm

Hates: Himself/ All the heroes on the farm