101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Indiana

Breed: Dalmatian

Gender: Female

Age: One of the older pups

Height: Same as Patch

Collar: Brown leather

Any other features: He wears a hat similar to the one worn by Indiana Jones and he is sometimes known to carry a whip.

Appearance: His ears are both black with no distinctive spot pattern on his body.  However he does have a small scar between his chin and lower lip.

Description: Rasied with little attention from his father as he was always busy with his pet human; who was an archaeologist.  He was taken to the farm as a temporal;ly addition as his dad and pet decided to go on an archaeology expedition, they have yet to return.  He can be usually found sneaking around Cruella's mansion, trying to find something valuable to steal.  He sometimes is able to leave unharmed, however there are some times when he does get caught and Cruella sends Horace and Jasper after him.  He is usually able to trip them up on the stairs to which the Badduns become the equivalent of the boulder from "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  When he is able to escape, his item is usually sold off to Walker or Swamp Rat.

Likes: Treasure Hunting

Hates: Snakes, especially Cydne.

Voice Artist: Harrison Ford, Corey Carrier, or Sean Patrick Flanery