101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Iceman

Breed: Dalmatian dog

Type: Quadrapedic

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Between Good and heroic

Size: Same as Tripod but with 4 legs

Appearance: Blue spots, fighter jet gray color.  His name comes from two spots on top of his head, one on each side that are shaped that look like blue lighting bolts.  It looks similar to the helment Val Kilmer wore as 'Iceman' in Top Gun.

Likes: Bark Brigade class, the movie Top Gun, Kenny Loggins music, fighter jets, playing volleyball without his collar on, antagonizing Lucky and Tripod

Hates: Tom Cruise movies made before or after 1986, failure

Loves: None yet

Friends: Roadhouse

Talents: Loyal high-quality cadget, volleyball, good athlete

Bio: In the Bark Brigade, Tripod is the top dog and Lucky is #2 but sneaking his way onto the last podium spot is Iceman.  Iceman is best descriped as the "harmless rival."  He's good enough that he can bring the best out in those around him, mainly so they can beat him in the end.  Still, he is one of the few pups other than Tripod or Lucky to win Cadget of the Month (doing it that month Lucky and company were injured trying to escape a story with the Colonel and Pug had Tripod doing extra duties like judging his "chicken" actions instead of going for paw merits).  Unlike Lucky or Tripod, Iceman doesn't havea set team for missions.  Instead, if given a mission he chooses a team of the best available, similar to the TV show Mission: Impossible.

Personal Motto: "Those who mess with the Bark Brigade will crash and burn."