101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Hund

Joking Nickname: "Das Hund"

Breed: Dalmatian dog

Type: Quadrapedic

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Good, friendly, intelligent

Size: Standard

Appearance: Random black spots on a white coat.  Has one distinguishable spot, on his hind legs were two spot shaped like long rectangles, he has dyed in rectangles of red and yellow under them from a German flag.

Likes: Most of the pups on the farm

Hates: No one

Loves: No love interests currently

Friends: Some of the other international pups, one of the few pups who has made attempts to befriend Tic_Tac (judging by how much time Tic-Tac works at his shed projects, he thinks he has  that "attention to detail" attiude like him)

Talents: He's a fine craftsman, good at weilding  and other crafts, incredibly clever

Bio: Hund is the German pup.  If you could sum up this pup in three words it would be "Attention to Detail".  Hund is a stickler for the little things to assure his work, whatever it may be, is of the highest quality.  He greatly enjoys creating crafts projects and works carefully to assure everything is proper.  (If he messes up, he works to correct the mistake even if it takes more time.)  While he preferrs to think things out carefully, he is ironically one of the faster thinkers on the farm and quite clever as such.  Hund preferes to shy away from all forms of violence, he's very peacefully minded.

Personal Motto: "The mind is the greatest tool"

Cool Fact: His name is the German translation of dog