101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Horseshoe

Breed: Dalmatian dog

Type: Quadrapedic

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Good and Jesalous

Size: Standard, identical to Lucky

Appearance: Four spots on his back makes a horseshoe shape, black ears, identical to Lucky except for he usually wears an easily changed blue collar

Smell: Identical to Lucky

Voice: Identical to Lucky, played by the same voice artist

Likes: Most of the pups who aren't Lucky

Hates: Lucky

Loves: Two-Tone, Rebecca to some extent

Friends: Jerko, Diana, Stealth, Walker, Kraven.  Despite hanging around with bad guys, to most pups he comes across as a nice guy he'll gladly help out to cover he's one of the bad guys

Talents: Strong in leadership, very loyal to his friends, can think up plans on the spot when in a pinch, extreme knowledge of the TV show "Thunderbolt, P.I.", overall very simular to Lucky

Bio: Horseshoe is one of the adopted pups but while others have been able to forge an identily for themselves, Horseshoe has been stuck in the background because of a striking resemblance to Lucky and a similar personality and he's sick of it.  They share many of the same good qualities from strong leadership to a loyality to their friends and even a few bad ones (Horseshoe is just as hubris as Lucky) but they differ on one key opinion, while Lucky enjoys simply protecting the farm from Cruella and other enemies, Horseshoe wants to defeat her and any others for good.  "You can't win the game on just defense alone," he said in the past.  He'll take any chance to go on the offense against the source of the Dearlys' problems even if it's not what most would consider right.  "History can judge me after the farm is safe forever," he said.  Horseshoe even shares a romantic interest in Two-Tone with his good doppelganger.  When he wants to, Horseshoe is just as romantic if not more so than Lucky.  He can really turn on the charm if he thinks it will give him the edge.  With the help of a red collar purchased from Walker, Horseshoe can easily pose as Lucky, perhaps in hope of using mistaken identity to get the other main pups to follow him.

Personal Motto: "I have a plan for absolute and total victory'