101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Hiroki

Age: Same as Tailspin

Gender: Female

Species: Dalmatian

Spots: She is unique because her spots are spirals

Height: A little small compared to Tailspin

Personality: Hiroki is a very nice pup.  She is a hyper easily excited girl and is often seen as childish and immature and she's just fine with that.  She loves to be around friends and hates to see her friends upset she will always try to cheer them up.  She is also tomboyish, playful, and easily embarrassed.  She is always happy and wagging her tail also she is always looking on the bright side or trying to cheer someone up.  She is not violent at all and can be described and timid sometimes.  If others are talking if she started talking first she will stop talking become very quiet to try and hold her anger it hurts her feelings for people to start talking and forget about her in the middle of a conversation.  This is how to push her buttons.  She is very polite and will run away rather than fight.  She is very playful and loves to make friends.  She really doesn't like baths but will not fuss or run when it is time to get one though she will pout soon as she is dry she'll be back to being happy.  She has an attachment to cute things.  She is also so very sneaky and likes somethings that others think conflict with her personality.

Likes: Two-Tone, Tailspin, getting to meet new people, making new friends, getting some time to just sit back and smell the flowers, sneaking up on people and scaring them, running with friends, foxes, talking with friends, people who don't embarrass her.

Friends: Ace, Candi, Tailspin, Two-Tone, Whizzer and Lucky