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Age: 79

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: Same as Nanny

Appearance: His eyes are with a blue texture.  He has greyish white hair with a small bald patch; with his hair include a beard which runs around his mouth.

Relatives: His son; Roger.

Bio: Growing up during the time America was becoming a Divided Union; he has seen or heard about many famous key moments of Modern American history.  After being married for two years, his wife gave birth to his son; Roger.  During Roger's childhood, he tried his best to keep Roger out of trouble and at some parts nearly lose himself through Roger's collection of teddy bears.  Many years past and Roger grew up; he then spent a few years of his life living in a retirement home, however only recently he got a letter from his son inviting him to life on the farm.  On the farm, he can usually be found in the lounge or helping Roger for farm chores to make sure Roger doesn't crush himself with the tractor.  He is also an amateur astronomer so at nights he can be found up the hill star gazing through his telescope.  He also has a strong relation with the pups.  Even though he doesnt speak dog, he can pretty much guess what they're saying, sometimes; a pup or two join him with star gazing in which he usually has a one voiced conversation (not including the bark of the dog).

Voice Actor: Bernard Cribbins