101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Giggles

Gender: Female

Appearance: All her spots are odd, each one is actually three smaller spots shaped to look like a smiley face.  She wears a pink collar with a sliver bunny on it.  Both her ears are white.

Personality: Giggles is a girly girl (although not obsessed with make-up and clothes), she is definitely not a tomboy.  Her favorite color is pink and she is very naive (although not innocent).  Sometimes she hangs out with the more wordly wise Silky and that helps her to not be totally oblivious to everything around her, but she is best friends with Freckles.  She also on occasion plays with Dipstick and Whizzer.  However she never plays with Lucky's gang, as she put it in her own words, 'they are too adventurey'.  Her mother is Perdy's sister, and so she is realated to them, unlike a lot of the pups on the farm.

Friends with: Freckles, Dipstick, Whizzer, Silky, Clip, the Colonel, Sgt. Tibbs.

Hates: CRUELLA (who doesn't), Horace and Jasper, Mooch ('he is really mean and a bad influence to two of the nicest pups on the farm' as she put him), Scorch (especially after he ate a gecko she was looking after), Lt. Pug (she thinks he needs a kick up the backside).

Enjoys: Swimming, running, tag, hide and seek, caring for reptiles, cookery, painting, Grk the Dog books, and video gamng.

Likes: Money, video games of every kind, her hobbies, pink, bunnies, pepperoni and chesse pizza, chocolate, celery, southren fried chicken (to the point that she tries making it herself), pet budgerigars, Feline Rights Association (a charity she made herself to protest againt the unnecessary chasdings of cats, also called the FRA.)

Dislikes: Live chicken, dead bunnies, cucumber, getting teased for her 'charity', being criticized for her paintings.