101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Gabriel

Gender: Male

Breed: Human

Eyes: Brown

Age: Late 20s, early 30s at least

Height: Good height at least, perhaps around the same height as Roger

Appearance: He's from the FBI, or so he claims, he wears a suit, as not arise suspision or anything like that.  His hair is black and he wears sunglasses at times.

Description: Gabriel hides a secret that no one actually knows about at the moment that he is in fact, a dragon, but taking the form of a human.  His main quest is to take control of the Dragon Realm but requires some items left in the Human Realm to overpower the Dragon Elders, which is why he is using his human form, to search for the items.  His real name is in fact Ash, when in his dragon form and is a fully grown dragon with red scales, and is able to fly, breathe fire and all that sort of thing whilst in dragon mode, but when in human mode, he doesn't do any dragon related stuff, except maybe using his nose to sniff out dragons or whatever, but yet, when in human mode, he does nothing to arise suspision.

Likes: Well, I guess you could say, tormenting dragons and what have you.

Dislikes: The Dragon Elders

Friends: No one

Enemies: The Dragon Elders and all who would get in his way, as well as hating humans

Loves: No one