101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Fuzzball

Breed: Dalmatian dog

Type: Quadrapedic

Gender: Male

Demeanor: Good, friendly

Size: Standard

Appearance: He's a regular black and white dalmatian, his fur is just a little rougher and less groomed than most of the other pups.

Likes: Most of the pups on the farm

Hates: No one, hate is the path to the dark side

Loves: No love interests currently, had a crush on Vandella for about a week then got over it when common sense set in

Friends: Patriot is his best friend

Talents: Some engine repair, he often helps Patriot and has picked up a thing or too

Bio: Fuzzball is Patriot's best friend. Another racefan.  Fuzzball has similar interests to Patriot.  Unlike Patriot, whose in a committed realationship with Penny, Fuzzball is a bachelor and a bit of a firt (constantly striking out).  Fuzzball is for the most part a fun-loving puppy who just enjoys living.  He's a fun one to be around.

Personal Motto "Life is for living"

Character backstory: Fuzzball was created so Patriot would have someone to talk to.  With the introduction of other racefan pups like Slayer and Sparky, the need for a second racefan pup lessened, as did his appearances, but he still shows up from time to time if Patriot's hanging out or something