101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Frenzy

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: Black and white/Grey

Eye color: Brown

Age: Around the same age, loosly

Gender: Male

Height: Same as the others/Taller in his rage mode

Weight: Average

Description: An escaped science experiment that has a rage-mode inputted into him.  Basically, when he gets angry, he turns into a hulking grey beast sorta like the Hulk, in a way, but different.  Frenzy wasn't hit by any gama bomb or anything like that.

Appearance: In his normal mode, he seems normal, but in his rage-mode, he's well, a hulking grey beast, you can't miss him

Likes: No one

Friends: No one

Loves: Psyren

Hates: No one, other than those who attack him at that time, but if one were to attack him heaps of times, then they could become an enemy of him when he's in rage mode that is.

  1. 1 Best Friend: Drake

Informatian: After escaping from the science lab, he made it to the farm at first, but soon, others had triggered his anger side, which caused him to go on a bit of a rampage.  However, after a while, he had calmed down, reverting back to his normal form and after seeing what he had done, decided to leave for the time being, staying in Gruetly, and awayfrom others.  He is able to control his rage mode too, and when he speaks in his rage mode, he has a much deeper voice instead.

Goals: Nothing as of yet.

What triggers his anger: Being told what to do, being attacked are among the top things anyway.