101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Fizzy

Age: Same as Tailspin

Gender: Male

Species: Dalmatian Fox

Fur: Fizzy is weird because his fur is white like Dalmatian but black on the tips of his two tail and on his four paws.  Also he has a black patch around his nose.

Height: A little shorter than Lucky

Personality: Fizzy is very scientificly smart though he isn't nearly as smart as take as Tac and doesn't show his smartness much.  He also hates to fight for any reason.  He loves Tailspin with all his heart.  He also has a deep bond with Hiroki, and also sees her as an older sister and loves her very dearly.  He really likes to challenge Tailspin, and Hiroki to races.  He is a hyper easily excited .  He loves to be around friends and hates to see his friends upset he will always try to cheer them up.  He is very polite at times and will run away rather than fight.  He is very playful and loves to makes friends.  He really likes baths and will take a bath once a day when given the chance.  He has an attatchment to cute things despite being a boy and is shy about telling this to others.

Likes: Tailspin, Hiroki, getting to meet new people, making new friends, getting some time to just sit back and smell the flowers, sneaking up on people and scaring them, running with friends, talking with friends, sniffing around, fizzy grape soda and grapes.

Friends: Tailspin, Hiroki

History: The reason Sunny is called a Dalmatian fox is because of two things one: he is the exact same shade of black and white as a Dalmatian and two: because his greatgrandfather was a Dalmatian that fell in love with an artic fox that lives in a nearby zoo. The genes were passed down until they reappeared in him and suprisingly Talespin is his cousin on his mother's side