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Epsilon is an OC made by Racefanx on Sparky's 101 Dalmatians Community

Bio : Epsilon is a dog from another planet called Skaynina believed to be in the "Dog Star" system. On his homeworld humans were seemingly in the process of inadvertly destroying the planet environment when the dogs rose up and eliminated them by turning them all into dogs (A major overreaction later regretted, the planet was not nearly in danger as they thought). After being born with a rare mind control ability and misusing it he was exiled from his homeworld and came to earth, hiding his arrival premise of "The humans of this planet are doing the same things that almost destroyed mine." Now on earth he senses the time is right to use his abilities to first wipe out humanity (and anyone who stands in his way) then seize the planet with mind control. 

Personality : 

Epsilon is a bad dog but doesn't act like it unless he has to. He is deceptive, hiding his real motive of the world domination behind a front of "Saving the planet." He is ruthless and will do anything to win.

Abilities :

Because of the ways dogs have developed over the years on his planet, his body is described as a living transmitter capable of sending out various signals with effects on others. These signals are transmitted through his eyes and their deployment is signified with a change in them to a solid color.

Known colors/with abilities :

Green : Turns humans into dogs, the effects can't be reversed.

Red : Mind control over the dogs.

Other colors and abilities are possible.

(Effects of these abilities over other species is unknown, they could be lessened or unaffected)

Cannon bio : 

He was the main villain in Eyes of the Beholder and London's Calling by Racefanx but was defeated each time by the Dalmatians.