101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Ember

Gender: Female

Breed: Dragon

Eyes: Blue

Age: Same age as a younger dragon, like Spryo's age

Height: Same as Spryo

Appearance: She's a dragon for starters, her scale colors, so to speak, are a pink-like color.

Description: She's nice, that's for sure, kinda sweet in a manner of speaking and does freak out in fights and would really not fight.  She can't fly at the moment, only gliding, but yet, is still learning to fly so to speak, and yes, she can breathe fire.

Likes: Exploring and hanging out really, as well as the water too.

Dislikes: Mainly fighting

Friends: Luna, Pyro

Enemies: No one

Loves: No one

Yeah, you saw it, she's a dragon and yeah, had to compare age and height to Spyro at least, maybe a little younger by like a year to Spyro you know.

Oh yeah, and she does things that Pyro likes to do, since the two of them are like best friends.