101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Dragunov (yes like the rifle)

Species: Black Lab

Age: 17 (dog years)

Height: 1' 4 from shoulders

Weight: 12 lbs

Hair color: Black

Fur Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

Friends: His Littermates

Enemies: None

Dislikes: Almost everyone on the farm

Loves: His BB Gun

Good/Bad: Overall neutral but gets a little evil from time to time.

Decription: A mostly bad pup.  Dragunov was given his name because of his love for the Russian Marksman Rifle.  His owner is an NRA (National Rifle Assocation) member who used to bring him down to the range all the time when he was a smaller pup.  His owner bought a Dragunov SVD Marksman Rifle, and ever since he did Dragunov loved the rifle.  Everytime the gun was set down his owner would always him clinging to it.  That is how he got his name.  He visits the Dearly Farm most of the time since he lives mostly a mile away.  He usually play tricks on the pups with his BB gun ( and by play tricks, I mean shoot them in the hind quarter with it ).

Accessories: A red bandana that he wears around his head.  It has a black spade on the front and he wears it backwards (Knot on the forehead side).  He also carries around a small plastic BB gun that is a replica of the Dragunov SVD Russian Marksman Rifle.