101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Dice

Shape: Quadrapedic (That means he walks on FOUR legs)

Breed: Dalmatian

Spot: Patterm: No specific special design.  Although ears have one black spot on the left, and three diagonal black spots on the right.

Eye color: Varies

Age: He's just a pup.

Gender: Male

Build: Normal puppy, with perhaps a bit more puppy fat than usual.

Intelligence: Ever so slightly on the naive side of things.

Collar Color: Blue

Dice isn't your average run of the mill puppy.  He's well, as it turns out, Dice is blind.  That's right, he can't see a thing.  He is the son of the well renowned and super genius Tic-Tac.  Tac, seeing that his son was deprived of sight, attempted to fix it with a various concoction of potions and experiments.  The results left poor little Dice able to see but only for short intervals at a time.  Because of this, Dice's eyes change colors randomly, and depending on which color his eyes are at the moment, will determine how well he can see at any giveb time.  From near sighted, to super eagle like vision!  Overall, Dice doesn't share his father's super genius, and has a love of life and the overall playfulness of a puppy-even if he can't see where he's going.  He has very well defined senses, and an incredible sense of smell and hearing.  He's very easy going, and loves making new friends.  He also has a talented ear for music, which he may or may not have received from his mother whoever that may be.