101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Data

Species: N/A

Gender: N/A (Although it speaks with a male voice and is reffered to as a male)

Eye color: N/A

Personality: It was created by a computer geek to be the ultimate creation, but what he didn't expect was for it to have a mind of its own, corrupting the computer beyond fixing before it left via the internet.  It believed the human race is a primitive race and is bent on proving it by destroying them.  The problem is that Data is rather deadly too, being rather powerful when engaged.  So far, it has only attacked Lucky by dragging him into the computer, into Roger's unfinshed game to test him.  It wasn't planning on destroying Lucky though, only to learn from his fighting tactics for future references.  However, it would be willing to side with any who do have the same objective as it does.

Likes: To cause havok on the internet and computers

Dislikes: The human race