101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Dana

Collar: Red

Eyes: Purple

Color: White, black, and brown.

Friends: Almost everyone on the farm.

Enemies: Mooch, Lt. Pug, Tic-Tac.

Romance with: Patch

Dana is a very loving pup.  She is often hanging out with who happens to be next to her!  Her motto is: You are who you are; not how you look"! On her collar, she has the Powerpuff Girls' heart symbol for a pendant.  Before she fell in love with Patch, she had a short crush on Mooch.  But she doesn't like how mean he is.  She has two brown ears and a beauty mark that is on her left cheek.  She basically has just random spots.  Her biggest pet peeve is how much Lucky and Tripod fight.  She doesn't like to see fighting