101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Dameon

Race: Demonic dal

Abilities: Control over fire

Family: all dead

Appearance: In his now demonic state his once black spots are red.  His tail is spiked.  His ears are red and unlike a dalmatian pointy (Like a GSD's).  Normally his eyes are black but whern controlling fire they turn red.  All the rest of his body is scared like with whip like scars.

History: Dameon was like any other Dalmatian when he was born and for a while lived a life of luxury.  His owners were a rich family.  After some time of living with them he was sent to the animal shelter unknown to him his owners had lost all of their money and sold everything they had.  Dameon was never adopted and one night he broke out of the shelter.  He lived the rest of his life a misfit unable to fit in anywhere and eventually became violent.  After killing many dogs and attacking numerous humans he was shot and later died. Dameon's spirit was to live out eternity in Hell but one day he found a portal between worlds and when he returned to Earth he discovered his fire bending powers and now walks the Earth mercilessly killing others.