101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Dakota

Species: Canine

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: White with black spots

Eye color(s): Black

Age: 13 (dog years)

Gender: Male

Height: 1'2 (from shoulders down)

Weight: 6 lbs

Special Ability: Strong sense of mortal virtue

Weight Classification: Middleweight

Demeanor: Self-Defensive

Alignment: Heroic

Background: Since his capture bt Cruella in the beginning of the story, Dakota was had yet to find his calling.  Dring his capture at Hell Hall, Dakota became fascinated by justice and legal issues that he saw on TV.  After they had successfully evaded Cruella, he had been finding himself waiting for Cruella to get what she had coming.  Sickened by the fact Cruella, Jasper and Horace were permitted to go unpunished (unknowingly, she bribed off the judges), he took it upon himself to become Dearly Farm's personal police dog.  Having swore his alignment to Lucky, Cadpig, Rolly, Two-Tone, Jewel, and Patch, he will aid in anyway possible to mantain the peace.  With a new threat to the farm having risen from Diana and her villainous HeartBreakers gang, he is aware that Diana and her gang members only intend to cause trouble.  The heroes have his loyaly; he will do whatever he can to aid Roadhouse in maintaning the peace and Shore in preserving the lawon the farm.

Appearance: Regular sized dalmatian, wears a gun holster around his chest.  When in pursuit, he likes to wear a motorcycle helmet and aviator sunglasses.

Voice Actor: Jess Harnell (think like a non-mechanized Ironhide from Transformers (2007))