101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Crystal

Species: Canine

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: Black/White

Eye color(s): Blue

Age: 11 (dog years)

Gender: Female

Height: 1'1 (from shoulders down)

Weight: 25 lbs

Abilites: None

Collar Specs: Scarf, Blue

Description: Has blue eyes and a blue scarf she wears.  She has a star shaped spot on her right ear, with a 3-tipped mountain shape spot on the bottom outsides of both ears.  Both ears are overall white.  Spots are random.  Slender body type.  Very agile.  Has hair that droops down over her face.  Has a truff of hair on her chest.  Has all white tail.

Information: Orginally born from a weathly family, she was sold than bought from a pet store.  She was known to be the pretty type that loved fashion and looks and was quite a flirt.  While walking with her new owners unleashed, she simply wandered off then got lost.  She ended up in a city she knew nothing about.  She was confronted by three male dogs and attacked into submission, where she was beaten.  During the attack, there was an "accidental" strike to her neck and chest leaving a huge, gash that left a permeant scar (wears the scarf she found to hide the gash).  Her life was saved when someone out of nowhere came to her rescue.  The rescuer named T-Bone decided to stay with her and protect her from anymore attacks.  From that moment on, looks meant nothings to her and (with T-Bone help) she learned to take care of herself.  Not to long later , another lost dalmatian wandered by named Razor, and joined her and T-Bone.  She instantly fell in love with him.  She soon left her protector when she and him got into an arguement when she met another Dalmatian, named Jake who she also thought was cute.

Goal(s): Wants Razor as a future mate.  Wants a family