101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Breed: Dalmatian

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Eye color: Green

Spot Pattern: One large spot between his eyes, and a very large spot on his back.  Not much elsewhere, beside a few small spots on his legs.  His ears are black as well.

Bio: Creed was created in a lab.  Genetically cloned from another dog as an experiment, upon his "birth" he slaughter those that created him on the notion that he was but a simple experiment to them, and nothing more.  His genetics were altered during the experiment giving him more strengh and agility than the average dog.  He also has incredibly high intelligence, rivaling that of farm resident, Tac's.  The dog he was cloned from died before the experiment ended, but as far as personality, was a total opposite of Creed.  Creed left the lab in which he was created in ruins, and where he fled, no one really knows for sure.

Likes: Darkness

Dislikes: Good willed people, children and bright light

Friends: He dosen't HATE everyone but I don't want to say at the moment who he is friends with.

Enemies: Anyone who tries to stand in his way

Loves: Some would ponder if he even knows how to love.

Notable Quotes: "Am I but a mere experiment to you?"  "HA I have no soul"  "It's brutal, insane, HEARTLESS! I like it"