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Cop Car

Cop Car is one of Patriot's brothers by blood and like his brother bears a red, white, and blue look.  His name comes from his ears.  One is solid red and the other solid blue resembling the lights on top of a cop car.  Despite being a Dalmatian Cop Car is quite the "Legal Beagle", the pup always follows the rules to a T.  Not everything is perfect for brightly colored pup however, in some previous fics, the ever creepy Spooky has shown to have taken a shining to him. Unlike it seems every other pup on the farm who seems to gladly get themselves into a realationship.  Cop Car shyes away from one, Spooky flat out creeps him out and he often hides when she is near.


While his real name is Ulysses, he always goes by U.  U is so named because of a small spot on his chest (not normally visible) that resembles a letter U.  U is best put as being a parody of Q from the James Bond films.  He's a gadgetmaster.  From bones with a grapple hook built in to exploding chew toys he's the source to go to for any spy-type gadgets.  He was one of the pups who originally modified the first RaceFanX's Mercury Grand Marquis and will again serve in that role aghain to modifty Go-Go's Ford Crown Victoria in an upcomming fic.  Despite being as capable of creating amazing equipment as say Tic-Tac, U lacks the ability to plan how to actually use it.