101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Connor

Species: Common Red Fox

Age: 15 Canine Years

Sex: Male

Fur Color: Red base/creamish white underside

Eye Color: Dark olive green

Height: 1'3 from shoulders down

Weight: 6.7lbs

Loves: Roxy

History: Escaped from the Local Zoo, Connr lived in a zoo most of his life.  His mother (whom he was raised up by all his life since birth.  Father is unknown at this moment) was hunted and killed.  He wandered off after the incident and was later found and  taken in by zookeepers.  From that moment on he lived in a zoo until he was curious enough to escape and run off.  After a few days he came across the farm since he had nowhere else to go, he decided to stay.  He lived there for 5 months before he started to get lonely.  He realized he needed a mate.  He planned to leave and look for a mate until he came across Roxy, a mateless vixen.  Since that day he has been trying to get her attention.

Description: A somewhat tough fox, he sometimes gets ahead of himself and starts to play rough.  He tries to keep his playfulness to a minimum.  He hunts for himself, grooms himself, and other businesses for himself, making him independent.  He has a loving side that needs to be tended to, otherwise gets depressed and jealous of other couples.  He has a greyish tip on his tail and 2 of his paws are grey, leaving one black and one red.

Clothing: None