101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name:Colin n' Quinn

Type: Quadrapedic

Eyes: Green

Breed: Dalmatians

Sex: Male

Fur: Polka dot

Nationality: Irish (Dublin)

History: Colin n' Quinn are brothers a long ways from home.  Originally, they lived in Ireland but due to a tragic mishap, the two were sent to London, where they've encountered a curious farm.

Personality: The two are brothers and fraternal twins.  That means they aren't identical, but were born roughly at the same time.  To be honest, Colin is the elder, but neither of them know.  They speak with a heavy Irish accent and LOVE getting into mischief and trouble.  For the longest time, the two of them were the only family they had, so they look out for each other and will fight to the death if one of them gets in the thick of things.  In fact, quite often they'll get into fights with each other, or aanyone who rubs their fur the wrong way- they're Irish after all.  Unfortunately, the brothers can't resist a pretty face.  Any girl they encounter, they'll fall all over themselves to impress, and that is ANY girl.  They believe in romance almost as much as they believe in fighting, and enjoying a pint or two.  Gentlemen to the last, the two are looking for their way home and while they try and figure that out-they've stopped at the farm for a wee bit o' rest.