101 Dalmatians FanFiction Wiki

Name: Cole

Shape: Quadrapedic

Breed: Dalmatian

Colors: Black and White

Eye color: Blue

Age: Same as the other 99

Gender: Male

Height: 11 inches (shoulders down)

Description: Cole has one attribute that set's him apart from all of the other pups.  He's blind.  Cole has never been able to see and this unique trait gives him a different outlook on the world.  He sees the world through his senses and when you first approah him he doesn't seem blind at all.  Very unlike his brother Marx, Cole is kind to everyone and nonjudgmental.

Appearance: Black ears, feet, and tail with normal spots across the rest of his body.

Friends: Cadpig and Tripod

Likes: Tries to like everyone

Hates: None

  1. 1 Best Friend: Marx

Interests: Making friends

Goals: none